Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Quick update (how I got home)-will be updated when I have time

hey guys,

so it was a whirlwind of a week getting ready for ecuador, and as a result this blog is missing the story of how I got home...

I am currently writing this in ecuador (the blog website conveniently changed itself to spanish) and I will be out of internet contact for the next 12 days while we tour around Ecuador and do the volunteer project in the rural area.

So unfortunately I will have to give a more thorough account of how the trip ended in due time.

But as a quick version: I got home safe, still had some stuff in my lungs when I got back so it was another round of antibiotics for me, the trip down here was very long (more than 24 hrs), quito is eye popping, I just climbed to the top of a church today (at least 20 stories), and I feel better but definitely still recovering

look forward to a better update soon :)

alrighty now i just have to find the spanish for 'post'

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